Signed by S.


Brand ambassador agency for
high-end indoor and outdoor luxury
furniture, lighting, decoration and art.

The brands we work with are always a ‘love at first sight’, a feeling we want to convey to our customers..”


Who we are

Signed by S. design agency specialises in the distribution, promotion, pr and marketing of high-end design and lifestyle brands and designers / artists in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Monaco towards B2B customers in the likes of architects, interior designers, high-end luxury retail, hotels, and design & build projects.

Our main focus is indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, decoration, lifestyle and art. Each of the brands, artists and designers we represent has a fresh perspective on the future of living, and carry high standards in terms of sustainability.

We strive for a unique and personal connection with the designer or the design team and aim for complementarity and seamless designs to make sure every asset in our portfolio can make you smile throughout the day.

Our Brands

we take pride in the brands we represent.

Want to Talk?

Whether you’re a design brand, a manufacturer, an interior designer, an architect, an artist or a design powerhouse, there’s probably a common interest between the two of us and our extensive 50+ years of combined experience.

Pick your favourite blend of coffee and come talk to us.

Depending on the time of day, we might be open to change that coffee to bubbles.