Piet Boon

This Dutch collection of designer furniture from the Piet Boon Collection (2005) is crafted to embody the essence of the Studio Piet Boon identity. Each high-quality furniture piece is passionately made from rich natural materials, with a focus on detail and refined taste, considering both aesthetics and intensive use. The exclusive line for Dining, Living, and Outdoor is renowned for its innovative design, refined and timeless appeal, generous proportions, functional use, and extraordinary comfort. Each new collection sets a new standard. Every Piet Boon design is not only created with aesthetics in mind but also intensive usage. Every individual piece reflects their preference for outstanding quality, which is why they only work with carefully selected artisan furniture makers; both established and new generations.

Studio Piet Boon was founded in 1983 by Dutch designer Piet Boon (1958).

Three years later, Dutch interior designer Karin Meyn (1961) joined as a business partner and creative director.

Since its inception, the firm has built an impressive portfolio of private, corporate, and commercial clients in 46 countries around the world. The headquarters of Piet Boon are located in Oostzaan in the Netherlands.

Piet Boon

Karin Meyn


Indoor Living

The products of the Piet Boon collections are designed with the user in mind and offer convenience without compromising the design. With the indoor collection, elegant soft fabrics combine effortlessly with robust materials, demonstrating a love for quality and design in every piece.


Outdoor space design plays an essential role in the overall conceptual vision at Studio Piet Boon. To perfectly blend indoor and outdoor, we use the same rich mix of textures and colors in our outdoor and indoor collections. Materials and fabrics are thoughtfully coordinated, and their strength and durability fine-tuned for outdoor use.