ZANAT is a company deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Konjic woodcarving, a craft recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Niksic family has been the custodians of this craft for over a century, transforming a local artisanal practice into an internationally acclaimed brand known for exceptional design and sustainability.

The essence of ZANAT lies in its dedication to craftsmanship. The company collaborates with renowned designers like Monica Förster and Harri Koskinen, integrating traditional hand-carving techniques with contemporary aesthetics. This fusion not only preserves the heritage of Konjic woodcarving but also innovates within modern furniture design.

Sustainability is a core value at ZANAT. The company prioritizes the use of sustainable materials and methods, ensuring that their operations benefit the environment and contribute positively to socio-economic development. ZANAT also invests in training young artisans, creating opportunities for future generations and sustaining the craft.

In 2019, the Niksic family opened the Woodcarving Museum in Konjic. This museum celebrates the resilience and ingenuity of the local woodcarvers, showcasing the history and evolution of their techniques. The museum has received international recognition, including the Živa Award for the best Slavic museum and the Luigi Micheletti Award from the European Museum Academy.

ZANAT offers a range of meticulously crafted furniture and accessories, including dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, benches, and storage solutions. Each piece is a work of art, designed to bring beauty and functionality to any space, with hand-carved patterns that add a unique tactile and visual element.

Orhan Nikšić