Rakumba is a distinguished Australian lighting brand established in 1968, renowned for its luxurious and innovative lighting solutions. As Australia’s heritage luxury lighting brand, Rakumba expertly balances the residential and commercial sectors with collections inspired by diverse narratives and collaborations. These collections reflect a European aesthetic, enriched by the multicultural essence of their Australian roots.

Rakumba’s philosophy, “Making Beauty,” drives their pursuit of perfection, pushing the boundaries of possibility to explore the creative unknown. The brand seamlessly blends design and technology, resulting in iconic lighting pieces that embody effortless complexity and technical excellence. Their commitment to craftsmanship and detail ensures that each product is not only visually striking but also functionally superior.

Collaborating with both local and international designers, Rakumba brings unique, rigorously authentic designs to life. Their partnerships have resulted in innovative creations that are celebrated worldwide, showcasing the brand’s ability to merge traditional techniques with contemporary elegance.

With a strong focus on delivering professional, reliable service, Rakumba is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of their clients, whether through bespoke commissions or their wide range of collections. Their products are available globally, allowing customers to experience the beauty and functionality of Rakumba’s lighting designs firsthand.

Michael Murray (L) & Dan Treacy (R)

Product: City Lights   |   Designer: Rakumba design team
Product: Petal   |   Designer: Sebastian Herkner